the seven essential skills flashing
"Jack HIrschowitz presents a unique take on leadership. As a bonus, I learned to do something I was sure I would never be able to do: juggle!"
— Participant, Dept of Veterans Affairs Leadership Conference

""Outstanding leadership presentation — extraordinary!"
— Participant, Mt Sinai Medical Residents Leadership Training

"What a fun session. This was a great way to learn. The seminar provided excellent coverage of leadership development ideas."
— Participant, Healthcare Leadership Institute
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Find a balance between your personal life and career and learn to keep all the balls in the air Upload

Discover life as a continuous learner (you're never too old to learn new tricks) Energize

Learn about energizing and exercising — about being your best and getting the most out of life — incorporating the latest medical evidence Enlighten

Become an enlightened and creative thinker, using the latest information in cognitive theory and neurobiology Listen

Build relationships based on trust and respect — become a great communicator! Excel

Learn to maintain cutting–edge skills and “push the envelope”

Learn to see the big picture — how the parts relate to the whole; becoming a mentor and coach, and promoting teamwork and lifelong learningshapeimage_13_link_0
The Seven Essential Skills for Living and Leading
 workshops with  Jack Hirschowitz MD